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8 With telehealth visits, you can see and talk to a provider from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with internet access. The benefits of telehealth visits There are many reasons to use virtual medical visits, such as: • Reduced exposure to certain diseases • Ability to connect from your home or office • Easier to coordinate with children and/or pets • Easier access to specialists who live far away from you Of course, telehealth visits aren’t the answer for every medical issue. In many cases it’s best to see a healthcare provider in person so that you can get a physical exam and any tests you might need. Presbyterian Health Plan gives you telehealth options Presbyterian offers Virtual Primary Care that lets you establish care and build a real relationship with a provider online. You can see an online provider from home or anywhere else in New Mexico, making it easier to get the care you need. With Virtual Primary Care, you can be seen for: • Preventive care • Chronic care management • Medication management • Prescription orders and refills • Lab and radiology orders • Referrals to specialists and in-person primary care when needed In addition to Virtual Primary Care, you may be able to use telehealth for urgent care Video Visits, specialty care, and behavioral health video appointments. Is a telehealth visit right for you? How to get started Visit to learn more and schedule a visit. Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;