Presbyterian | Your Story | Centennial Care | Spring 2024 9 If you do not have a provider for your prenatal and postpartum care, we can help. Call the number on the back of your Presbyterian member ID card and we can help find a provider in your area. The importance of prenatal and postpartum care We want to make sure our members get the best prenatal and postpartum care possible. We encourage members to learn about the importance of regular prenatal care visits. These visits help members to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. At least one prenatal visit is needed in the first trimester, or first 14 weeks of pregnancy. At least 10 visits are suggested during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy. After the birth of the baby, it is critical to have a postpartum visit within one to 12 weeks (seven to 84 days). Presbyterian Health Plan encourages members to attend their prenatal and postpartum checkups through the Pregnancy Passport program, formerly known as the Baby Benefits program. The program provides incentives to members for going to these visits. There is also the Baby Bonuses program, which rewards you for taking your child to their well-baby checkups. Visit centennial-care-medicaid/baby -bonuses to learn more about these programs, or talk to your provider. New Mexico Human Services Department has also expanded access to Medicaid eligibility for pregnant members. If you qualify for Medicaid because you are pregnant, you will keep your Medicaid coverage for 12 months after you give birth. Pregnant members have a choice of who provides care and where you give birth. With the Medicaid Birthing Options Program, you can choose to give birth at a birthing center, a hospital, or your home, if you do not require more advanced care. You can also get care from a certified nursemidwife, nurse practitioner, licensed midwife, obstetrician, family practice practitioner, or physician assistant.