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—Continued from front page Earn rewards for healthy living These programs can help you manage your overall health. ● ● Each program earns one reward card. ● ● Each program has four to 10 sessions. Each session is 20 to 45 minutes long. ● ● There is often a connection between chronic disease and mental health. To register for these programs, go to . How it works ● ● 2019 Diabetes Wellness Reward is for Presbyterian Centennial Care members ages 18 to 75 with Type 1 or 2 diabetes (not gestational). ● ● To take part in the programs offered through community providers, send proof of your attendance to: Presbyterian Health Plan, Inc. Performance Improvement P.O. Box 27489 Albuquerque, NM 87125 Or send an email to . For online programs rewards, members can call the Presbyterian Quality Department at the number below. The Presbyterian Customer Service Center (PCSC) is available for members Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Members can reach PCSC at the following numbers: (505) 923-5200 or 1-888-977-2333 , TTY: 711 Navajo/Diné members: (505) 923-5157 or 1-888-806-8793 , TTY: 711 Other important numbers: PresRN: (505) 923-5677 or 1-888-730-2300 , TTY: 711 Superior Medical Transportation (for non- emergency medical transportation): 1-855-774-7737 New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (for a behavioral health crisis): 1-855-662-7474 ( 1-855-NMCRISIS ) Keep these numbers handy: Centennial Care Presbyterian Quality Department ● ● Monday through Friday ● ● 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ● ● Phone (leave a message): (505) 923-5017 1-866-634-2617 (toll-free) ● ● TTY: 711 ● ● Email: Contact us To participate in the program: ● ● You must be a Presbyterian Centennial Care member at the time of the class. ● ● You may earn up to three rewards cards per year (January through December) for taking part in any combination of events. For example: » » You can take two online programs plus the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program to earn three cards. » » You can take Kitchen Creations plus Chronic Disease Self-Management and one online program to earn three cards. » » You can take three online programs to earn three cards. ● ● All of these programs are at no cost to you. ● ● You are responsible for getting a ride to the programs. You will not be paid back if you pay for a ride there. Rewards may be in the form of an gift card and may take up to six weeks for you to get it. All information is subject to change. Rewards are for adult members who have only been diagnosed with diabetes. PHP is not responsible if classes are cancelled. 2