Presbyterian | Your Story | Centennial Care | Winter 2020 3 All about wellness 101 Wellness is more than physical health (what you do to or for your body). Wellness is how you live your best life. It’s how you enjoy the good times and how you live through difficult times. One area of wellness is social health. Do you know what social wellness is? Q: What is social wellness? a. A healthy relationship with your family, friends, and loved ones (healthy means you can talk, share, and support each other without any form of abuse) b. Enjoying being around other people c. Being involved in your community d. All of the above A: Great job, the answer is d —all of the above! Social wellness includes how you connect with others in your day-to-day life, meaning your social habits. Your wellness is unique You are unique and valuable to the community. Unique in what you look like, enjoy doing, and value. Valuable in what you share and how you support others. Your wellness needs are unique too. Many factors affect your health and your overall wellness. Not all of these factors are medical; they can be social. Social factors come from where you live, learn, work, and have fun. These factors can be: ● Access to or money for food and transportation ● A place to live and sleep ● Information in a language you understand ● Health information that makes sense to you ● Your culture and beliefs You can work in wellness Stay healthy and well this winter! Did you know there are small things you can do every day to improve your wellness? Try one of these this winter: ● Write down a funny moment you had with someone ● Take a walk with someone (your dog, a family member, a neighbor, friends, etc.) ● Talk with someone who makes you smile, giggle, or laugh ● Send a thank-you note, text, or email to someone Everyday wellness tools you can use Winter is a great time to learn more about social wellness—try the Health Education Tool: ● Log in using your myPRES account information. { Go to to access the program. ● Click on “Wellness” and select “Health Education Tools.” ● Search for social connections, relationships, or family. Wellness, your Healthcare Team, and you Your Healthcare Team can help improve your social wellness. They can connect you to resources for your unique or common healthcare needs. They are also part of your community and social support. Your Healthcare Team is the team that provides your medical care. This includes care you receive from a primary care provider (PCP) or doctor, physician assistant, specialist, nurse, or other medical staff. This also includes staff that help coordinate and connect you to care. Having a relationship with your Healthcare Team is important. Presbyterian Health Plan online provider directory We know how important it is to find the care that you and your family need. Presbyterian Health Plan has a web-based provider directory (list) to help you find the right in-network providers in your plan. Just go to and choose “Find a Doctor” at the top of the screen. We have the most up-to-date lists of in-network providers and facilities in our online provider directories. Your Member Handbook is the best source to help you understand your covered services and providers. In the directory, you can search by: ● Name ● Gender (male/female) ● Specialty ● Hospitals where they practice ● Board certification ● If they are taking new patients ● Languages they speak in the office ● Office locations and phone numbers You can search on one or more of the items listed above. To get all of the information you want, fill in as many blanks as you want on the search page. The search page has instructions for both smartphone users and computer users. You can also get provider information on paper or by phone by calling the Presbyterian Customer Service Center at the number on the back of your member ID card.