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2 How to boost relaxation with mindfulness Does stress ever get the best of you? We all tend to feel frazzled some days. Since too much stress can be hard on the body and mind, it’s important to find ways to cope. One way that can help: practicing mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness involves being present in the moment and conscious of your sensations, thoughts and feelings, according to the American Psychological Association. Mindfulness may help counter stress by helping us achieve a state of relaxation, in which the mind and body are calm. If you want to give mindfulness a try, here are some ways to get started: Practice slow breathing. While seated or lying down, gently rest one hand on your stomach. Slowly breathe in through your nose and out your mouth, feeling your stomach rise and fall beneath your hand until you feel relaxed. Progressively relax your muscles. Starting with your feet and moving to your shoulders, tense and then relax one muscle group at a time. Notice how good it feels to release the tension. Be aware of the sensations in your body too. Imagine your breath flowing to your feet, knees, arms, and so on. Take a mental vacation. Visualize a scene (real or imagined) that makes you feel calm. Maybe that’s a favorite vacation beach or a mountain lake. Engage in mindful exercise. Take a short walk or bike ride, focusing on the rhythm of your movements and the scenes around you. More stress busters Consider combining mindfulness with these other stress-reducers: ● Use a journal to pinpoint causes of daily stress. Jot down things you’re grateful for to keep stress in perspective. ● Make time for fun, whether that’s working on a hobby, watching a movie, playing a game, or doing whatever else you enjoy and makes you feel relaxed. ● Let it out. Talk about your stress — with a loved one, a friend, a spiritual advisor, or your provider. Source: HelpGuide Your Care. Your Choice. Having a choice in your healthcare is important to you and to Presbyterian Health Plan. That is why we have worked to add convenient facilities to our network throughout the state. Finding a more convenient location for things like labs, diagnostic screenings, and X-rays — just to mention a few — just got a little easier. Just visit to find care options and provider-specific info for common services you might need. We’re committed to helping you find quality services at lower costs. Mind over stress: