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10 Preventive healthcare guidelines As a Presbyterian Health Plan (PHP) member, you can benefit from preventive services. Preventive services are activities like routine checkups, screening tests, and shots. These services are important because they can help you prevent a future injury or illness. Find out more about preventive services by going to and searching for “Preventive Healthcare Guidelines.” You can also talk to your primary care provider (PCP) about which services are right for you. New for you Presbyterian Health Plan wants to help you on your Path to Wellness. The Path for Wellness Prevention Program can help you: ● ● Lose weight and keep it off ● ● Find simple ways to get more active ● ● Build healthy habits that may prevent or delay type 2 diabetes Find out if you are eligible for the program or learn more by calling 1-855-249-8587 . Everyday tools you can use Do you want general health information? Have allergies? Asthma? Any health condition? We have just the resource for you! ● ● Log in to MyPres at . ● ● Click on “Wellness” and select “Health Education Tools.” ● ● Search for your health topic. ● ● Read, watch videos, or use a health calculator. My primary care provider (PCP) and me The relationship with your Healthcare Team is important. Your Healthcare Team is here for you and can provide you with: ● ● Health resources ● ● Steps to take to stay at your healthiest ● ● Community health resources Empowering you We care about your total health and want you to be at your healthiest in all ways. You have the power to take charge! Did you know that you can exercise without having access or time to go to a gym? Here are some ways you can take charge: ● ● Turn cleaning into a dance routine. ● ● Try some stretches while watching TV. ● ● Take a daily 10-minute walk around your house. Taking control of your health Spring into action and use these resources to help take control of your health! Source: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2008). Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Report. Retrieved from: Presbyterian Member Resources Health Education Tools MyPres: Health education and library : Health, benefits and program information Paths for Wellness Prevention Program: Program to help you lose weight and build healthy habits. Find out if you are eligible by calling 1-855-249-8587 . Clickotine: App to help you overcome nicotine dependence On To Better Health: Behavioral self-help tools and resources www.onto